Say “hello” to the new Bishop Creative!

After many hours of designing, re-designing and re-aligning, the new Bishop Creative is here! We have been hacking away at the new site for some time now, trying to figure out ways to better position ourselves as a product design resource for startups all over the world. Earlier in the year, after many different design direction changes, we finally decided on a direction were happy with. The new site does a much better job of showcasing our work, and gives a better feel for our culture and brand.

Speaking of branding, with this version of the Bishop Creative site we are shipping our new branding! Our logomark (“the swan”), represents what we feel is the perfect balance of bold, simple and elegant. Many thanks to our good friend Steve Kodis, who helped us create the new brand (and Clunk Supply, who crafted our beautiful business cards!). We are in love with our new brand, and had a blast working with Steve. If your business needs branding done, you should go to him!

Calling all Startups

Over the past year or so, we’ve been going through a transformation into becoming a product design company that works closely with startups on an ongoing basis to craft solid experiences across all their products. This allows us to focus on making the product experiences their customers have the best they can be by continuously iterating.

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Recently, we’ve been lucky enough to work with startups like WeMontage, EverFi, YoursTruly and Charitabli to help build their websites, apps and more.

Let’s work together!

We are always on the lookout for chances to work with folks that have great ideas but may need help bringing their ideas to life! Whether it’s a mobile app, website, marketing campaign or something completely unique, we’re always game for new challenges!

Let’s work together!

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